Take control of your IP network

Still using spreadsheets to manage your IP address space?

Easy-IP is a web-based IP Address Management (IPAM) solution, designed to help you keep track of all your Subnets, CIDR Blocks, VLANs and IP address assignments.

With Easy-IP you can manage all your IP addresses, subnet blocks, DNS hostnames, and device types for your entire IP network. Take the 2 minute Tour »

Using a powerful SNMP auto-discovery engine, Easy-IP maintains an accurate, up-to-date inventory for all your subnets, IP addresses and network devices, such as switches, routers, and servers.

guiFeatures at a glance
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Automated Subnet Allocation
  • Network Auto-Discovery
  • SNMP Device Inventory
  • Granular Role-based Access Rights
  • Advanced Import/Export Functions
  • Flexible Custom Reporting
  • User-defined Fields
  • SWIP/ARIN/RIPE Reports
  • Powerful Global Search
  • Time-stamped Audit Trail
  • Web Services SOAP API
  • Forward and Reverse DNS Zone files

Plan your IPv4 to IPV6 address migration, discover your network devices in real-time, keep track of all changes, and create detailed Subnet Utilisation reports.

Why use Easy-IP?

Instead of manually configuring IP addresses and tracking information via spreadsheets, with Easy-IP you can:

  • Plan and manage your entire IPv4 and IPv6 network space, VLANs, MPLS, Wireless, and NAT
  • Drill down into individual subnets to see static and dynamic IP addresses at a glance
  • Audit IP address assignments by MAC address and DNS host name
  • Search for key assets by device type, location, serial number and other status information
  • Create detailed, customized management reports
  • Import existing IP information from spreadsheets or text files

It's the ideal choice for Telcos, Service Providers, or large enterprises with thousands of IP addresses to manage, but it's just as useful for smaller companies with a only few hundred devices.

Check out our list of satisfied customers to find out who is managing their IP address space more effectively with Easy-IP.