If you're still using spreadsheets to manage your IP address space, you'll know it's time-consuming and not scalable for large IPv6 networks.

Take Control of your Network

IPv6 Address Management Made Easy

Now you can replace your manual spreadsheets with Easy-IP, and automate your IP Address management tasks.

Easy-IP is a web-based IP Address Management (IPAM) solution, designed to help you keep track of all your Subnet Allocations, CIDR Blocks, VLANs and IP address assignments.

Using a powerful SNMP auto-discovery engine, Easy-IP maintains an accurate, up-to-date inventory for all your subnets, IP Addresses and network devices, such as switches, routers, and servers.

With Easy-IP you can document your IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing plan, discover your existing network devices, keep track of all changes, and create detailed Subnet Utilisation reports. Quick Overview »

Why use Easy-IP?

By automating complex IP addressing tasks like VLSM and subnet partitioning, Easy-IP dramatically reduces the administrative overhead associated with IP address management.

  • Automate IP address allocation
  • Eliminate duplicate IP address errors
  • Reduce IP admin costs by up to 50%
  • Control IP address assignment during moves, adds or changes
  • Utilize existing IP address space efficiently

With an intuitive Ajax Web Interface, the database can be accessed by multiple administrators in diverse geographical locations.

Easy-IP helps you organise, plan and manage all IP addresses, subnets, hostnames, and device types for your entire network. Take the 2 minute Tour »

Who needs Easy-IP?

Easy-IP is an attractive alternative to high-cost, complex IP address management tools.

It's the ideal choice for organizations like ISPs, Telcos or companies who manage complex networks with large numbers of IP addresses and subnets, but it is equally useful for smaller companies with a just few hundred nodes.

  • Network Administrators and IT Managers
  • ISPs, Telcos or Broadband Operators
  • Anyone responsible for a corporate LAN or WAN

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